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USS Player Spotlight: Tori Vogel

United Social Sports leagues have players who represent a mixed bag of cultures, nationalities, professions, hobbies, and hidden talents. It is especially exciting when we get to witness one of our players competing and achieving their goals off the field, and offer our support.

The winter of 2015 was busy for Tori Vogel. In addition to her volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and her day job at a business tech company, the 23-year-old American University graduate was also keeping busy by playing in the inaugural season of USS’s Recess League, and prepping for her second year competing in the Miss DC pageant.


Tori first joined the Recess league as a way to stay active after college and meet new people. The Recess league features different games each week, many of which are reminiscent of childhood games, like dodgeball, kickball, and bubble soccer.

“I like to have a lot of variation in what I’m doing, so I thought it would be better to do something where it was different [each week],” she said.

Tori’s team was the perfect example of “free agents” who didn’t know each other when the season started, but who developed a bond over time.

“The highlight for me would definitely be the people I met, not just on my team but the other teams as well,” she said. “Even though we didn’t know each other, we really banded together.”

As for her upcoming run for the Miss DC title, Tori says her involvement in pageants is relatively recent, and much like her involvement in the Recess league, stemmed from her desire to try new things.

“This is only my second year,” she said. “I got an email saying come try out and I went to the info session. I was totally in awe of everyone who was involved in the association. It was a bunch of really intelligent, driven women who were involved in the city.”

As one of 18 contestants in the 2015 Miss District of Columbia pageant, Tori’s tasks include a 10-minute interview, where she is asked about her platform (affordable housing) and current events, followed by more traditional pageant events: swim suit, evening gown, talent, and on-stage questions. Although a huge part of her pageant prep is living a healthy lifestyle, a task aided by weekly participation in the Recess league, Tori had to take off the spring season to focus on the pageant.

No matter the outcome of the June 14th event, which takes place at Arena Stage, Tori has big plans for the future.

“If I win Miss DC, I will be fully focused on Miss America, and if I don’t win, I have a whole list of things I plan to do,” she said. “That will definitely include signing up for another season with USS.  It was a ton of fun, [and] I definitely plan to come back.”

USS wishes Tori the best of luck as she competes for the Miss DC crown! For more information on the 2015 Miss DC pageant, and Tori’s platform, visit http://missdc.org.

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